This is Your Chance To Finally Quit Your Day Job and Earn a 4, 5, or Even 6 Figure Per Month Income Online...And We Do (Almost) All of the Work For You.

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From: Joan Wardzala, Owner of
Date: March 2, 2015

Let us start by saying, If you are thinking this is just another internet marketing sales letter promising you riches, you are wrong. What you are about to hear and see is completely different. We promise.

If you accept this proposal, it will cost you $100 (or a little more depending on how fast you want to run).

That's the "bad news."

Now For The Good News...

newspaper_stack_text_11332In exchange for this small investment, we are going to give you the greatest gift that we could ever give another person looking to finally crack the code to making money online.

We are going to hand over to you a completely done-for-you, search engine optimized, high converting website that is ranking at the top of Google for hundreds, and even thousands of search terms. 

We have uncovered an incredible, untapped opportunity that no one is taking advantage of, but that can produce for you a full time income, upwards of 5 and even 6 figures per month. 

We have done 95% of the work for you. All we ask is that you finish off the last 5%.

Then once you make it work one time...

it can be scaled and repeated over and over, so that you are stacking income on top of income each and every month.

We will tell you why we are doing this in a minute, but first, we have a question for you...

Do You Know The #1 Reason Most Internet Marketers Fail To Make Money Online?

No, it is not because of lack of opportunity or difficulty. Hell, head on over to the Warrior Forum. You will LITERALLY find thousands of different ways to make money online. Every day there is a new course or new method being promoted on different ways to make money online.

And you know what, most of those methods work.

The problem is, you actually need to take action and make them work. and that is the biggest hurdle for internet marketers to overcome.

But it is not your fault...

Unfortunately, what happens with most internet marketers is that they become inundated with information and shiny object syndrome.

I am as guilty of this as anyone.

I have bought thousands of dollars worth of products before I decided to stop and actually take some action 5 years ago when I was able to officially quit my job and start earning a full time income online.

People looking to make money online are trying to find that magic bullet.

That one secret that is just going to open the flood gates for them.

That one thing that is finally going to turn everything around and make them a 5 figure per month income with the push of a button.

Well guess what, it ain't that easy....until now.

Now, with what you are about to learn, you really can earn a significant income online with, as they say, the push of the button.

The reason is, we have taken the action for you.

We know what the most difficult steps are when building an online business, and accordingly, we have taken 95% of that hard work completely off the table for you.

We know what holds people back from achieving the income and lifestyle they deserve. So we created a way for you to literally skip most of the grueling steps needed to get started, allowing you to fast forward right to the "money-getting" step. 

We are going to do 95% of the work, you just need to complete the last 5% tie it all together. You do that, and you can start earning an income this week.

Plus, in the demonstration video that I created for you above, I am show you EXACTLY how to do that.

The Secret Sauce

secretAs I already said, there are a lot of ways to make money online.

The method that we are going to address has to do with getting page 1 Google rankings this week.

You might be thinking..."Yeah yeah, I have heard this before. Build a website, get it to the top of Google, toss on an affiliate offer from Clickbank, JVzoo, Amazon, or Adsense and BAAM, you are done."

And traditionally, I would say yes, that has been a very popular way for generating an income online. Building niche sites, ranking them in Google and generating revenue through affiliate offers was actually how I got started and is still a very viable business to this day.

But what I am going to show you is going to be much more than just getting a website to the top of Google. Trust me. Almost no one is doing this.

Furthermore, it is going to be MUCH MORE profitable that building a traditional niche site. 

But let's address the concept of getting a website to the top of Google in order to promote some sort of offer.

What Everyone Else is Doing...and Why They Are Failing

Here is what is commonly taught, and again, there is nothing wrong with this. You can still take this approach, but, if you have ever tried this, you know that it is a laborious process, and as a result of the amount of effort it takes, most people give up.

The Traditional Niche Website Blueprint

  • You have to find an offer to promote as an affiliate via sites like Clickbank and Amazon
  • You have to do extensive keyword research and identify your niche.  This can take hours, or even days, to complete
  • You have to build the website and create quality content. This will take you days, and often times, weeks to complete.
  • Now, you have to RANK the site in Google. Without a page 1 ranking, your website is invisible to organic traffic. So this means, you need to do all of the search engine optimization stuff...the backlinking, siloing, content creation, etc... This can take weeks to complete, and the actual process of waiting for the site to get to page 1 can take months.

So all said an done, if you are lucky, you can have a site on page 1 of Google in 2-3 months time.

But what if you do all of this work...

You build the website, create the content, do the backlinking and wait a few months for the site to move up the ranking but it never gets to #1?

What if Google penalizes your site, because over the past 2 years, Google updates have been killing SEO'd sites. Or I should say, SEO'd sites that were not done properly.

As an internet marketer trying to earn an income...what do you do now? Build another site and wait a few months to see if it works? Buy a new "make money online" course and try a new money making method?

This is where people get stuck and for good reason. Like most people, we want to see some quick results to prove to ourselves that what we are doing is actually going to work. Because, if we don't see those results, we turn to a different path that seems easier or promises to provide those results.

But let's forget all of the doom and gloom...

What if you take that traditional approach and things go as planned?

You get your page 1 rankings. You get your traffic and you start making sales.

Let's say that one site makes you $1,000 per month...or even $5,000 per month. 

That is a very solid income generating website. Now, if you want to make more money, you just need to make more websites and repeat the process. 

A perfectly viable strategy. It takes a while to complete this scaling process, but at least you have gotten the ball rolling in the right direction.

However, if you are like me, I like to be more efficient in how I work.

Even if things go as planned and you successfully create a money making website, using the traditional niche website approach as I just described, you are going to need to spend months building new website after new website to achieve a $10,000+ per month income.

But, what if I told that instead of buying and building 10, 20, 30...100 websites to reach your desired income goals, you could own just 1 website that was worth over $1,500,000? Yes, $1.5 million.

And what if you could own that website this week?

Well, right now, what I want you to do is forget everything you have been told about ranking sites in Google, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

I also want you to forget about all of those other systems out there that take weeks, or even months to get through, only to leave you on your own to figure it all out.

What I am going to share with you accomplishes several key goals for any internet marketer looking to finally earn a life changing income online.

Reveal your success

What I am going to reveal to you promises 4 things:

  1. It gets you page 1 rankings FAST so you don't have to worry about if and when your site can get to page 1.
  2. It can provide immediate income (like this week), so you will know right away if you can make money from your offer or strategy.
  3. It is scalable. You can repeat it over and over again to stack monthly income on top of monthly income using just 1 website.
  4. It completely monopolizes page 1 of Google, so that you own multiple page 1 listings to scoop up most of the search engine traffic for your keyword (more on this shortly).

Without further ado, I introduce you to our...

Local Done-For-You Websites

DFY Local SitesWe know how much of a pain in the ass it can be to build sites, get them ranking in Google, and then convert your website visitors into sales.

Well, With our service we build for you a 100%, completely SEO'd website.

You don't have to do anything.

No content creation, no backlinking, no website building...nothing.

Well there is 1 thing you need to do but we will get to that shortly.

Now, that is actually not the good part.

Don't get me wrong, that is a nice benefit, as you are getting a website built by people who have ranked literally hundreds of websites on page 1 of Google and over 40,000 keywords. This is so you can have comfort in knowing that, we know what we are doing and we are good at this stuff.

Here is the good part...

The actual money-making opportunity that results from the websites we build and rank for you.

As the title of our service indications, these are "local" websites, and by local I mean, we target local search terms, such as "lawyers in Philadelphia", or "plumbers in New York City."

Why local?

Locally targeted city sites are an untapped market just waiting for you to exploit. Because of the unique way we build these sites, the opportunities are endless in terms of the income you can generate. 

Here is why...

We don't just build a site targeting one city...

For you, we are building sites that target every single city, in every single state. Hell, we can build sites that target different countries.

map of the worldSo the sites we build for you will have 30,000-100,000 pages, all targeting cities, states, and countries.

Google loves this because these large sites represent authority, and authority is what Google wants and accordingly, they rank quickly.

In addition, we chose local niches because...

  • Local is easier to rank
  • Local is scalable. Every city, any type of business, any niche. Literally, if a business sells something to someone, that's a potential target market for you.

Now, the fun part...

How you make money with the sites we build for you.

The key to making 4 and 5 figures per month very quickly (with the potential to earn 6 figures as you scale this opportunity), is by renting the city pages to local businesses. 

How is this type of site worth over $1,500,000 you may be wondering?

Well, there are over 30,000 cities in the United States, and typically, we rent each city page for $50 prt page to a business. 

30,000 pages at $50 per page = $1,500,000.

That is just what the site is worth in theory.

In practice, we offer discounts for bulk purchases, and frankly, if a business approached us and wanted to own the entire site, we would gladly rent that out for $10,000 per month

So, let me clarify for you how this all works.

First, you are going to pick a niche to target, and this niche should ideally be something that people are going to search for locally so that we can create and rank pages in every single city, state and/or country (TIP: Go check out all of the services listed on Angie's List. These are all potential businesses and niches to target)

  • We build the site in a silo structure, which Google loves, targeting your niche keyword.
  • We do all of the on-page SEO work that Google loves.
  • We then overlay the actual website page with an affiliate offer or we rent out the pages to a local business and place their website URL as the overlay.
  • As I said in the beginning of the video, we are going to do all of the grunt work for you. The website build, The SEO work..literally everything you need to get a page 1 ranking.

All you need to do is

1. Tell us the niche you want to target (1 hour consultation included to help with niche selection)

2. Start contacting local businesses to rent out the pages.

Now, choose your plan below to get started earning an income this week

Choose Your Package

1 State Package (all cities for that State)

Entire Country Elite Package (30,000+ Pages)

Custom Built SEO'd Website
Custom Built SEO'd Website
Custom Built SEO'd Website
1 Main Keyword Silo + 8 LSI Tags
1 Main Keyword Silo + 8 LSI Tags
1 Main Keyword Silo + 8 LSI Tags
1 Hour Quick Start Consultation
1 Hour Quick Start Consultation
1 Hour Quick Start Consultation
Training Videos & Resources
Training Videos & Resources
Training Videos & Resources
Custom Content Creation
Custom Content Creation
Custom Content Creation
Premium Support Included
Premium Support Included
Premium Support Included
Domain Registration & Premium Hosting
Domain Registration & Premium Hosting
Domain Registration & Premium Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I order?

After you order, the first thing you need to do is email us at and let us know which niche you would like to target and the best way for you to be reached for a 45-60 minute conversation (our preferred method is Skype). We will contact you within 24 hours to setup your initial consultation to get your site built.

Do I need to buy the website and host the site on my own?

No. Your monthly investment includes the cost of the website along with the hosting. Due to the massive size of these local websites, special hosting is needed to make sure the sites do not crash. We have the perfect hosting setup so that your sites are safe and secure.

Do I own the site?

No. Essentially you are renting the site from us. We plan on having an option where you able to purchase the site in the future. So, if you stop your monthly investment at any point, we will own the site and reserve the right to rent the site to someone else or use for our own purposes. You have 30 days after a missed payment to bring your account current before you will lose your rights to the site.

Do you offer training and support?

Yes and yes. Right after you order, you will get a 1 hour consultation to get setup so you are off and running right away. In addition, we have training videos to help you maximize the revenue you can generate from your sites. In addition, we are personally available via email and Skype for any support or assistance.

Do you offer backlinking services?

Yes. Joan Wardzala is our backlinking expert and has been offering SEO and backlinking services for 15 years. So, if your site needs a boost, or you want to rank for competitive keywords in big cities, we offer additional expert backlinking services to help you dominate Google.

Do I need backlinks?

It depends. The way we build these sites, natural authority is created, and accordingly, many cities/pages will rank without backlinking. However, for bigger cities or more competitive keywords, yes, you will need backlinks. We will let you know during your initial consultation if backlinking will be needed to get your pages ranked based on the keywords you are targeting.

Do you guarantee Google Page 1 Results?

We cannot guarantee any results. We have built and ranked over 500 websites and ranked on page 1 for over 40,000 search terms. However, ranking in Google is not an exact science and results cannot be guaranteed ahead of time. A large part of the ranking process comes from proper keyword research. During your initial consultation, we will do a thorough review of your niche and keyword selection, and give you a reasonable expectation as to which keywords will rank well for you without backlinking, and accordingly, which keywords may need extra backlinking to boost rankings.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. However, we do make you several promises. First, we have never had a website penalized, however, if for whatever reason Google penalizes your site or it does not get indexed, we will create a brand new site for you at no extra charge. Second, we do not lock you into any contracts. So if you do not want to continue with your site, you can cancel at anytime. Third, if more pages need to get ranked on page 1, we offer backlinking services that are available to purchase to boost the rankings of your site.We will make every reasonable effort to assist you in your success with our DFY Local sites.

What happens if the site gets penalized?

We have never had a site penalized, but if Google decides to de-index a site, we will build a new site for you at no extra cost.

How long does it take to get my site built and ranked?

After we have our initial consultation, you can expect the site to be built within 72 hours. In terms of ranking, unfortunately we are subject to the Google crawlers and indexing. We have seen pages get ranked on page 1 within 24 hours, and others take 1-2 weeks. Regardless of the time to get the page ranked, you should be doing prospecting for local business to rent the site to

What if I want more cities?

If you order the 100 city package and would like additional cities, we offer amazing value and make entire site available to you for just $200/mth. So, if you are working within the United States, you can get over 30,000 city pages for an additional $100.

Does this work outside the United States?

Yes. All we need is a list of cities/states/provinces and we can build these sites for any country.

If I rent my city pages to a local business, how do I put my client's site on my site?

We handle that for you. Just tell us the URL and which cities to use for the client and we will overlay their site onto the designated city pages.

Which cities should I choose?

Your first reaction may be to choose the largest cities with the most search volume, but remember, those are more difficult to rank for and may require backlinking. How we approach our own sites is, see which batch city pages are ranking in a particular area and contact businesses in that area so that you can show them results right away. This will make the client-getting process very easy.