Goal Setting

Goal setting is really important when running a business. Not only should you write down your goals but put dates on them for when you want them attained and also write down how you plan to achieve them, whether it be finding and listening to people who have done it or just taking action on what you already know.

Remember even a plane going from one destination to another never travels in a straight line, so if you deviate from your goals and actions, just adjust your course. Keep your goal list in a place where you check it often.

Goal setting not only involves setting goals for far into the future but also for setting what you are going to accomplish that day when you get up.

I use a spiral notebook and in the front of the book I keep a running list of everything that I need to do whether it is getting orders out, working on building a site, seo’ing a site or setting aside time to listen to an informative webinar.

As I accomplish the tasks I put a line through them to cross them off. That way I never miss (almost never) smile emoticon doing whatever needs to be done.

While I am working away during the day/night (I keep odd hours) I will get emails or phone calls that will derail whatever it is I am working on. With the list beside me I can go back to completing it and re-adjust my course.

At the back of the spiral notebook I keep my list of long term goals. When there is a lull in the activity for the day, I review those goals and enter tasks in the front of the notebook that will help me to accomplish the long term goals.

If I don’t get everything completed for the day I move them to the next page.

A benefit of using this technique is not only do I keep track of what needs to be done and almost never miss anything, I can look back to the beginning of the book and see where I have been and what I have accomplished in the long term.

There is software out there that allows you to log tasks/goals and keep track of accomplishments etc. but this particular technique works well for me and doesn’t cost me anything. It may help you too.