Lead Generation Site Proposal For Portable Container Services

Get 60-90 additional shipping container customers per month with our nationally ranked buyandrentstorage.com site

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Clint Losch

Email: Clint@globalseopartners.org
Phone: 484-995-2488
“I created this video and entire page for you after our call today to give you a better understanding of how our shipping container lead generation site works and how it can generate leads for you daily.”
Screenshots From The Video

Total Indexed Pages On The Site

There are approximately 154,000 pages on this site indexed by Google and that number will continue to grow as Google crawls the site. This means, there over 150,000 pages ranking in the search engines in every city in the country for various shipping container keyword terms


Monthly Visitor Stats and Latest Search Terms

Currently at 30+ unique visitors per day and growing. The site is less than a month old and rankings will only continue to improve as the site ages

These are the last 10 Google search results that produced traffic to our site. We rank for literally thousands of keywords and cities on page 1.


Current Leads

The site is generating 2-3 leads per day with its current rankings and will only continue to grow. The image below illustrates the 11 leads that we received. It says within the last 7 days, but these 11 leads came in the past 4 days.
UPDATE: Since this video was made, on April 20th, we are now up to 18 leads.


Additional Features and Benefits

We Can Overlay Your Site Over Our Entire Lead Gen Site

If you choose to rent or buy the site, you have the option of overlaying your site on top of ours, so every page clicked from the search engines gets directed to your site. You also have the option of having a custom landing page template to collect the leads as well.

We Can Do Monthly Maintenance To Make Sure You Continue To Get Leads

If you choose to rent or buy the site, we can help you maintain the site and make sure rankings stay the same, or even improve. This will give you piece of mind in knowing that the site will continually be up-to-date and generating leads for you.

We Can Get You Leads From The Major Cities or Even Other Countries

As stated in the video, the site is less than a month old. Ranking for the major cities takes a little more time, but we can do that for you in order to turn 40-60 leads per month into hundreds of leads per month. If you have a specific city or area in mind, we can target that area, or start ranking for all major cities.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee For Site Purchases

If you buy the site, we offer a 15 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the site for whatever reason. We have never had to issue a client a refund, but it is there just in case you are not satisfied with the service.
Pricing Options
We are looking to work with only 1 shipping container company. We have 3 companies currently interested, so the first one to give us a yes for any of the options below gets the site, and any future lead generation sites in the shipping container industry as well
  • Option 1 – Pay Per Lead: We will use a custom lead generation template (utilizing the questions you want asked) and sell each lead for $20 per lead.
  • Option 2 – Site Rental: Using the current stats of the site, we can rent the site on a monthly basis for $1250 per month. This includes the option to using a lead generation template or overlaying your own website on top of ours.
  • Option 3 – Complete Site Purchase: We are willing to sell the entire site for $8450. We view this as the best deal considering you only need a few customers over the LIFETIME of the site to see a return on your investment. In addition, we can provide monthly maintenance options as well to make sure the site maintains rankings and leads.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me (Clint@globalseopartners.org) or call me anytime (484-995-2488). I will follow up with you on Friday to discuss further. Ideally, I am looking to have the site sold or rented by the end of the week.

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